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Tinhorn, sodbuster,
rancher . . . who’s gonna own up to . . .

All Them Killin’s?


“You get anything worth knowin’?” Sheriff John Edgely asked as he stepped inside.

“Er, no,” Thorn said. “Tried just about everywhere, but no luck.”

“Same here,” Edgely said. “Talked to Gaze and a feller named Locke who’s had trouble with the Penders. Can’t quite say they’re in the clear, but there’s nothin’ to show either one of ’em is guilty. So . . . who was it you talked to, Bill?”

“Well, most ev’ryone likely in town,” Thorn said. “Then somebody told me about Bell’s Spring, so I went out there.”

“It ain’t our territory,” Edgely said with a disapproving scowl.

“So I was told,” Thorn replied. “I just thought I might hear somethin’ worthwhile.”

“Did you?”

“Nope . . . but I did meet Mrs. Pender.”

“Which one?”

“May Ellen.”

“Huh,” Edgely grunted. “No wonder you look so tired. I guess that was bound to happen. Best to get it outta the way, I reckon. Just don’t start thinkin’ you’ll get that regular. The gal likes variety, yuh see. She’s made a fool outta many a man that got to thinkin’ it was true love.”