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Saved the hangman a chore, didn’t I?

Bullet For A ’Breed


“A couple scrawny steers from your herd broke through my fence and it took my boys an hour or so to get them back onto your land and repair that fence again. In other words, my boys worked for you so we’re charging out their services. It’ll cost you ten bucks.”

Johnny stared at him. “I was riding that fence all day. No steers of mine broke through.”

“You callin’ Mr. Purdy a liar, boy?” Billy Yorke asked, his voice strangely high-pitched but menacing.

“I reckon he is, Billy,” Purdy said softly.

“I’m saying no steers of mine broke that fence,” Johnny said firmly.

Nina gripped her brother’s arm tightly, trying to restrain him. For some time now, the brothers had been waging a campaign of harassment but now Sam was going too far.

“Ten bucks, boy,” Billy Yorke demanded.

“Of course, if you haven’t ten dollars on hand, we’ll take it out in kind.”