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Many tried . . . none succeeded!

Tame A Rare Breed


Hawkin ran a finger around his collar. He wanted to prove a point in Dodge City, not die there. But lots of men were dying lately, many of them Texans.

“Whatever you say,” Waco said dubiously, plainly of the opinion that Dodge City could stand a closer inspection by somebody just like himself. “I don’t like the sound of this Donner bastard though.”

“The Combine will take care of him,” Hawkin assured him. “Nero knows what we expect of him.”

Waco just shrugged and got on his horse for another circle of the herd which was spread out like a vast brown stain across the face of the prairie. The young gunslinger was happy as he rode, for he could smell blood in the air, a smell that grew stronger the closer they got to Dodge City.

Kansan blood.