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      He only knew one way to do it . . .

Like A Bull At A Gate!


Immediately Custer and the cow saw a new target — and a live one. Custer let out a mighty bellow and stormed toward the man standing by the open gate.

Watching from the cabin, Doolin thought Rowley should get out of there, but he soon realized that the man who had the brain and ice-cool nerve to bring Joe Drum undone knew what he was doing.

Waiting until the last moment, Rowley ducked behind the corral’s rails and clambered up. Custer charged through the gate, bellowing and pawing the ground, as the cow followed him into the corral. Within seconds they were back where they belonged, and Rowley quickly closed the gate.

Rowley turned as the cabin door opened and Doolin stepped outside.

“Sorry about your cattle tearin’ up your yard, Chet,” he called with a wide grin as he limped toward his friend.

“Think nothing of it, Tom,” Doolin said quietly, shaking his hand. “Doing what you did saved my life, and Custer deserves another medal for The Third Battle of Bull Run . . .”