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I gave my word and I’ll stick to it!

Man From El Paso


The woman hadn’t warned Blake that there could be any trouble, so he walked right into it when the stage made a rest stop in Tombstone.

Even when the six-horse team pulled in at the depot he still didn’t have any suspicions. By then, all he was thinking about was a long, cool beer and getting away from the kid for awhile. So when the young woman passenger named Nancy offered to take the boy for a soda pop while Blake washed the dust out of his throat with something a little stronger, he readily agreed.

“Just let him have one, though,” he cautioned, thumbing back his dark brown Stetson. “I don’t want him gettin’ sick on the stage. We’ve aways to go yet.”

“Oh, Mr. Blake!”

Nancy giggled and ruffled the child’s sandy hair.

The boy glared at Blake with all the venom he could muster.

“If I do throw up, I’ll make sure it goes all over you!”