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It seemed like an awful lotta
trouble to go to for a piece of skirt!

Next Man To Die


“You don’t know anythin’ about tryin’ to rob the bank, do you, Wesley?” somebody said with heavy sarcasm.

“Or about blowin’ the top of Milt Cherneck’s head off,” accused another.

“Get a rope!” the voice shouted again, and he recognized it as belonging to his erstwhile drinking companion — Diamond S man Jed Lutz.

“Just a minute,” he insisted. “Somebody tried to rob the Rifle Savings & Loan? And killed Milt Cherneck?”

“Somebody about your size, Wesley,” Dempsey grated, “and ridin’ that sorrel of yours. It all comin’ back to you now?”

“No,” he said thickly, horrified that they should make so monstrous a mistake. “You’ve got it all wrong.”

“Are we goin’ to listen to this polecat talk, or are we goin’ to do what oughtta be done and make him the next man to die?”