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Cynthie decided that if she did not speak soon, Prince would have Tauber’s blood on his hands.

“Doug! Tell me what he has against you,” she said hurriedly. “I just can’t believe that—”

“Believe it!” Prince snapped. “He blames me for ev’ry damn thing that’s gone wrong in his whole life! Fact is, he figures a bullet’s too good for me. That’s what all this is really about. This bastard wants to see me hang!”

“Surely not,” the girl protested.

“Gal, you just don’t know,” Prince drawled. “That’s why it’s gonna take somethin’ special to get him outta my mind. Mount up, Cynthie. We’re all goin’ back to Goshen.”

Cynthie stared at him in utter astonishment.


“You’ll see when we get there,” Prince said smugly. “You know that ole cottonwood in the middle of town? Mebbe I’ll just string Farley up on it.”

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