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First thing you have to learn is the
difference between the quick and the dead!


“I guess I can look after my own family, Milt. It’s a man’s job, isn’t it?”

“So that’s what you’re callin’ your backdown, your job or your duty to your family. What about your duty as a citizen, Earl? Roberts gets away with this, and who else is he gonna kill? With your statement, we can hang him! We can stop him in his tracks! You back down now and he’s gonna be walkin’ the streets again . . . doin’ what he likes, thumbin’ his nose at the law, laughin’ at it, even! And it’ll be your doin’.”

“Couldn’t live with myself if the wrong man was hanged, Milt.”

Darcy curled a lip.

“The wrong man won’t hang, and you know it . . .”

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