Dead Man’s Honor

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Old habits died
hard . . . and kept him alive!


He turned slowly to her and raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, Wayne. She’s mine. Mine and Jed Prior’s. She’s six months old. Folks around here think my husband was killed in the Army by Indians, up near Cheyenne. I’m the Widow Pearce  now — I reverted to my maiden name after our divorce. Jed never knew he had a daughter, and I would never have told him, never would have jeopardized his marriage. But I want my daughter to grow up knowing her father was a decent and honorable man. That’s why I want you to prove he was murdered by Magee and Street. I can’t pay you, I don’t even have the right to ask you, but we meant something to each other once and, well, will you help me?”

“I’m not a lawman anymore, Audrey, but maybe that’s an advantage. I can understand how you’d want your daughter to grow up to be proud of her father, though you could have told her any story you wanted …”

“If Jed had gone on living, I might have made something up to fit, but not now he’s dead, Wayne, not now when I know he was framed, his good name blackened deliberately by a couple of lowdown killers wearing badges.”

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