Gentleman O’Leary

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I don’t take lip from runts like you!


It had been like this all his life. His pa, Boyden O’Leary, a prizefighter by trade, now long since deceased, had named him Perverse O’Leary at birth. This had been because the kid had been born back to front, and it had killed his mother. Well, how was he to know which way was out? Great long gangling thing, it had been as much as he could do to take his first breath, with his pa cussing and swearing at him.

Trouble was, his pa had been kind of fond of that woman, and he’d taken it out on the kid in spades! This had made O’Leary bitter about females. Couldn’t abide them — shapeless stick insects, with a brain to match! Any time O’Leary saw a woman, he was wont to give her a shove, kind of accidental like. If she fell over, which she always did, he made a grinning apology — but only if there was anyone looking.

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