Which Way To Hell?

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I smell trouble on you like the stink of a dead dog!


“Don’t know what else to do but quit. I’ve fouled up everything I’ve tackled so far.”

The Frenchman’s eyes narrowed.

“Then it’s time you proved yourself to the people of this town; maybe they’d have some respect for you. Go out and bring in those two brothers of yours. Young Gabriel’s going to hang, and you know it!”

Jesse heaved a sigh and shoved the offending badge in his pocket. He’d been up all night worrying about Claire, filling out the pile of forms detailing her injuries, and Kaplan’s death, to send up to the County Sheriff. There’d been no chance to sleep.

“I’ll have to bury my father first.”

“Bury him later!” Desjardin’s fist thumped his knee again. “How’s he going to rest in his grave for the shame of having a son like you!”

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