Who’ll Die For Beau James?

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There were certainly none too willing!


Husband dead, her boy taken by desperados . . . all this topped off by his interference that she believed could only make things worse.

Jaw set tight, Cody heeled the Appaloosa into a lope.

He was cutting south as Gabriella fell away behind, still calling and futilely waving her hands. He knew there was a risk in what he was about to do, but he had to try. He knew the outlaw breed, knew their capabilities. Maybe they would keep their word. Maybe Ben was insurance against their giving chase or alerting the law. But things could go wrong, especially during an operation such as Drago had devised. And when that happened you could lay odds that the weakest would be at the greatest risk.

The horse moved freely, showing no signs of lameness. Hills rose abruptly out of the earth and stretched large into a luminous sky. Their sign was plain and he followed it, a man alone, a drifter for the first time with a purpose in life.

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