Who’s Bossin’ This Posse?

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The bad guys were
the least of their worries!


“Jackson,” Colley said slowly, “I don’t like the idea of hangin’ around here anymore’n you do. But I’m not strong enough to sit a saddle yet. And another thing. If we rest the horses, I figure we’ll have an edge. I know their kind. They’ll keep pushin’ their mounts until they’re ready to drop.”

“You’re just guessin’, Colley,” Jackson retorted. “Maybe you’re satisfied to play your hunches, but I’m sure as hell not. I’m goin’ after them and I’m going now — with or without you.”

“When I swore in this posse,” Colley said coldly, “I reminded you that I’d be callin’ the shots.”

“You call this a posse?” Jackson jeered. “Two men dead already. Two wounded. One deserter. You figure that’s a posse, do you? Then all I can say is you’re a bigger fool than I thought.”

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