Winner Gets The Girl

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No love lost between
these two brothers when the . . .



Sliding slowly to the ground with the dust still sifting over him, Jesse watched his father throw an arm around his brother’s shoulder and lead him off toward the house.

He could have been invisible.

The scent of musky perfume hit a moment before the voice sounded at his side.

“Don’t look so blue, Jesse. You’ll be the hero next time around.”

Sister Libby was a striking girl with coarse black hair and prominent cheekbones. Attired in a man’s shirt and Levi’s, she managed to look more feminine among all the dust and stink than most women could manage in a gilded salon with all their finery. She smiled crookedly as Jesse glanced her way.

“Tell me if what I say isn’t the truth, Jesse. The trouble with being a hero in dad’s eyes is that it only lasts while you keep winning.”

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