Your Hitch In Hell

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I ain’t as good as I once was,
but I’m as good once as I ever was!



“So,” he said thickly, “you’ll climb into bed with me if I give your daddy a chance to make a run for it. That right?”

“Yes, Mr. Farraday, I would. If I can trust you to do what you say.”

Although her voice was soft as a butterfly’s wing, it masked the small, weak voice of Farraday’s conscience. It was faintly heard, to be sure, but hear it he did.

“Well,” he heard himself say, “the truth is I don’t give a damn who hangs and who gets away. I promise your lowlife pa will get his chance.”

Their eyes met in the darkened room.

“I have no choice but to believe what you tell me,” said the loveliest girl in the world as her hand went to the second button on her blouse and then the third. Her fingers only shook a little as she opened the garment to reveal rose-tipped breasts that made the hangman’s breath catch in his throat.

“Me, too,” Farraday said huskily.

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