You’re On Your Own

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Right friendly town you’ve got here, Marshal!


The six men were taking turns kicking the man and savagely beating him with clenched fists, while the others had his arms pinned behind his back, keeping him on his feet even though he was barely conscious.

“It’s my turn, Pete,” one of the men pinning the man’s arms called, and it was while the two men were changing positions that Daniels saw the sun glint on a badge on the beaten man’s shirt.

Daniels stepped down and had taken one step toward the melee when a voice from behind him calmly said;

“Son, t’ a stranger I’d guess it looks mighty bad, but I wouldn’t butt in if I was you.”

Daniels turned and looked into an old man’s rheumy eyes, frowned at the scene across the street and asked;

“What kind of town have you got here, old-timer?”

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