Blood Will Tell

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A man will do a lot
of foolish things for a woman like that!


Lucy Love screamed when Fat Sam pinned her up against the brass bedhead and held a knife to her soft throat. The point pricked her skin and a trickle of crimson ran down over her naked breast. Fat Sam made a peculiar, gurgling sound in his throat when he saw the blood. It seemed to drive him even crazier and he was preparing to carve his initials in her flesh when Lucy Love’s screams brought Knifey and Lucien Walker at the run.

Knifey was the bordello’s muscleman, a big, rawboned individual with shoulder-length black hair and a strangler’s hands. As his name implied, he was an expert with a blade, and wielded one now as he bounded toward the blood-spattered bed.

“Git offen that gal afore I cut you long, wide and deep!”

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