By Sundown

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      Bring me the man who massacred my son . . .


“What breed of deppity do you reckon you are, boy?” Hogan challenged. It was the first time he’d talked down to the deputy.

“The sober kind, Hogan,” Clint replied mildly.

“That’s not what I want to know, boy. What I want to know is if you’re a deppity what cuts and runs, or a deppity that stands and dies. You gotta be one or t’other!”

Clint frowned.

“You’ve heard.”

“I heard, all right.” Hogan lurched to the wall by the rifle rack and tapped it with a gnarled finger. “They was one or t’other, Deppity — runners or diers. All five. And you know, I got me a notion that you’re too blamed proud and stubborn to run, so that means you’ll die!”

“Go home, Hogan. You’re drunk.”
“I’m a-goin’, boy. Never did care for the stink of dead men.”

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