Call Me Brazos

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He figured he just wasn’t cut out to be an outlaw!


“I reckon we’re gonna make four thousand, Omaha!” Dermott said excitedly, stacking the coins one by one. “By hell, we’re rich, man!”

“Well, not exactly rich, Kid, but we’ll be able to have us a damn good wingding an’ live high on the hog before we pull our next job.”

Dermott shifted uncomfortably. “This is more’n I ever expected to see at one time in my life. I liked the feelin’ durin’ the holdup, all tense, livin’ on the edge, kinda. It was real excitin’. But I dunno . . . I ain’t all that good with a sixgun. If I was to become an outlaw—”

Omaha laughed out loud, interrupting him.

“Kid, it’s too late. You already are an outlaw. No turnin’ back now . . .”

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