Call Me Clint

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Tougher than rawhide . . . hard as granite!


“That was long before my time, Clint.” She leaned toward him, eyes half-closed, lips slightly parted. “Anyway, that’s all ancient history, tall, dark and mysterious. I’m more interested in what’s happening right now . . .” Her fingers brushed his lips. “Or what’s going to happen. Aren’t you?”

Clint wasn’t interested. The streets outside were alive with tension, and he had many more questions about Reeves Floren to which she might be able to supply answers.

He reached out with the intention of gently but firmly easing her back, but somehow she turned her body so that his hand touched the breasts he’d been admiring from the doorway.

Lily shivered deliciously at the contact and swayed against him, her arm encircling his neck.

He still believed he was in control, even as the fragrance of her perfume excited his senses. He bent his head to give her what was intended to be a fleeting kiss.

The next thing he knew, she was naked and moaning with pleasure in his arms, and Sparta, Floren, Ray Slater and the whole damn shooting match could have been three counties away for all he cared.

Even Clint Forrester had his weaknesses.

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