Cameron Cuts Loose

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You’re not gonna try
to take ’em all on, are you?


Suddenly, the will to fight left the Irishman. He was barely able to stand up straight. Blowing hard, Wayne grasped the bar. There was little fight left in him, too.

“Goddamn!” gasped the bartender.

Van Race put his arm around Irish’s shoulders and he said to Wayne, “If I were you, I’d be on the next stage outta town. When Kincaid hears about this, your life ain’t gonna be worth livin’.”

“You’re not me,” Wayne told him through badly swollen lips. “And you can tell Kincaid that Wayne Cameron is back.”

“Say,” exclaimed one of the card players. “You’re Ben’s son?”

“I sure am,” Wayne confirmed. “And get this, all of you — I’m here to stay!”

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