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This was no ghost town . . . but
where were all the people?


“She just quit — real sudden!” Curly panted. “Only other thing she wrote was . . .” He licked his lips nervously. “God help us all.”

“The girl got a bad scare,” muttered Breck. “The way it looks, the whole town took fright.”

“And hightailed it,” added Hutch, “takin’ everythin’ on wheels — every critter on four legs that could pull a wagon or tote a rider.”

“I don’t like it,” announced Curly, looking around him. “Why don’t we quit, too?”

“We couldn’t quit right away,” countered Breck. “For thing, we’re too dog-tired to walk far.”

“Any other reasons?” Hutch demanded.

“Yeah. We got a dead man to bury.”

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