Charity Steele

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I’m not about to let
you roam around town half-naked!


It wasn’t until Allison punched a passing figure on the back of the neck, belatedly realizing that his victim was cowboy Monty Tucker, that he realized things were getting out of hand. But that didn’t mean he thought they should stop. The Kansans had started this dogfight, but the Texans would finish it. A fat, red, beer-bloated face hove into his line of vision. Allison thumped it with relish. The fat man skittered backward, upset a felt-topped monte layout, sending a spray of multi-colored chips in the air, then clutching wildly as he fell, snared the bodice of a girl’s dress.

The dress ripped.

Before the girl could shake the dazed brawler loose, just about everybody had seen more than even the easygoing girls of the Big Dipper cared to display.

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