Death Rides The Plains

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Come back you bastard and
show me how good you are in bed!


“You’ll be dead soon. As you die, you’ll be thinking about me and Beverly. And you’ll also be thinking about what the boys did to her . . .”

Cameron gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll come back from the dead, Hawke. That’s a promise!” He sucked in his breath and then, as Hawke let go of his hair, his head slumped against the wheel.

Hawke rose. “I look forward to that,” he said. “I’ve never killed me a ghost.” He turned to Elder. “Let’s get away from here. This place is starting to give me the creeps.”

“Me, too,” admitted Elder, walking quickly to his horse.

Moments later they were mounted. Earl watched them with murderous hate burning in his eyes.

Hawke folded his hands over the saddle horn and raised his gaze to the circling buzzards. “I’ve heard tell that they don’t mind if a man’s dead or not,” he said. “Just as long as he can’t fight back.” He laughed. “Just thought I’d mention it.”

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