Don’t Leave Town!

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      You want my advice . . .


“You’d really let them hang me, brother?”

“How can I stop them?”

“Easy! All you have to do is slip me a gun and have a horse waitin’. Hell, you’re my brother. Think of the good times we used to share. Remember when we used to sneak off and go swimmin’? And the time I dived in and hit that snag? You dragged me out. I’d have drowned but for you.”

“You returned the favor,” said Dan. “When pa got bitten by that rattler, you shot it before it could bite me.”

“So I did.” Bob looked away. “I love you, Dan. That’s a strange thing for one man to say to another, but you know what I mean. My feelin’ for you is such that if you were in my spot I wouldn’t hesitate — I’d have you outta here in no time.”

“I can’t do it.” The deputy was firm in his resolve.

“Think on it.”

“No.” Dan backed away. “You’ve ruined your life but you’re not going to make a wreck of mine.”

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