Hellcat Range

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Don’t fancy havin’ a gal for a boss, huh?


“You kinda took me by surprise, meeting up with a gal in a place like this.”

“I wish I could share your surprise,” she replied coldly. “But unfortunately, we get quite a few drifters through here.”

Again he nodded, calmly, as if he were not easily rebuffed, and glanced past her toward the draw.

“That a calf over yonder?”

“If it’s any of your business,” she retorted, “it’s one of my own calves.”

“You own the land the other side of this fence?”

“No, I don’t. The calf must have strayed with its mother — I found a break in the fence two miles back there.”

“And where’s the cow now, ma’am?”

“I imagine she’s been run off.” Her hands moved impatiently. “The calf has been shot.”

“Shot?” Hannibal’s eyes narrowed. “Sounds like sheriff’s business, ma’am.”

“Well, it certainly isn’t yours.”

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