No Matter How Far

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I’ll hound you till hell freezes over!


“I’m with you,” Bill Slade said abruptly, and he held up his hand as the girl opened her mouth to speak. “I’ve always been agin Waring, Connie. You know that. So do you, Walt. Hell, you savvy my position better than anyone else here. The same thing happened to you. Your ranch was stolen from you, but it all looked legal. There are all shades to the law, Connie. And that applies to stealin’ spreads by buyin’ up mortgages and foreclosin’, as well as provin’ a man stole some gold and killed a lotta folks to do it. Rhodes, I know these hills. You and me, with maybe a couple hardcases I know, can have Waring crawlin’ on his belly within a month.”

Connie looked angrily at Rhodes. “I doubt if Mr. Rhodes can wait that long, Bill!”

“You’re wrong, ma’am. I’ll wait till hell freezes over, if I have to. Fact is, I don’t want it to be quick. I want Waring to see what’s coming — knowing all the time that there’s nothing he can do to stop me.”

Connie went white. Her small fists were clenched at her sides and her eyes flashed with fury.

“You are insane!”

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