Over My Dead Body

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      You’ll take this town . . .


Dolman pulled the rifle from its scabbard . . . a sawn-off rifle.

Ignoring the naked girl, he knelt beside the window and sighted the rifle at the law office door. He squinted down the sights. Yes, this was the perfect spot. He stroked the gun and placed it carefully on the bedside table.

Playfully, Linda slid toward him on the bed. She pulled his head down and kissed him. Her tongue danced in his mouth as she kissed him with all the expertise of a much older woman. She moved away from him and gently rubbed her fingers over her nipples. As he watched them harden, Linda opened her legs and murmured seductively;

“Shannon can wait. Right now you’re to have yourself a good time — orders of Mr. Cragg.”

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