Bring Back Cameron

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Only one man can clean up this town!



There were two baths and a potbelly stove standing on bare floorboards in the adjoining room. One was a long, black-ribbed bath while the other, shaped like a shell, was more dainty. Deckert stood by the ribbed bath waiting as she carried in two pitchers of warm water. She poured the water into his bath and went back for more as he peeled away his Levi’s and faded longjohns. He draped his gunrig and hat over the raised head of the bath.

“You won’t need your gun tonight, Sam,” she laughed, pouring a second lot of water over his naked body.

“Jest habit, I guess. Always like to keep my pistol close,” he explained.

“Always the lawman, even when you’re in the company of a lady,” she remarked. Then she pouted. “But I hope you’re not aimin’ to bring it to bed!”


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