Death And Honor

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Love is what a man feels
toward a Colt .45 that won’t jam!



“Cozy,” Emery observed, and walked the length of the barroom to reach the dividing balustrade. “All four together. Well, as they say, safety in numbers. Is that your motto, Crockett? Or would you rather be called the crown prince of the Colts?”

“What’s on your mind, Emery?” Crockett asked calmly. “If I knew less about you, I’d mistake you for an amateur, the way you’re running off at the mouth. What’s riding you?”

“You are, Crockett. I doubt that any man is half as great as they say you are, and when I heard you were here in Rimrock, I decided to come along and work a little of that dazzlin’ shine off you. Nothing personal, understand. I’m just anxious to see what you use for gut-stuffin’.”


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