You’ll Die For It!

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      Be warned, if you take what’s mine . . .



“How’d she come to meet up with you anyway?” Dillon asked.


“You know that’s who I mean.”

“Just luck. We met in a saloon in Durango. She was with a miner. I thought she deserved better than that, so I took her off him. Of course, he raised some dust, so I killed him. After that she was mine, all mine.” Vernon grinned. “Your wife is good between the sheets, Dillon.”

That was meant to sting. But it didn’t. Dillon was a long way beyond jealousy where Lee was concerned. He’d also believed they had seen the last of each other, but the entry into his life of this handsome, hard-muscled dude seated opposite had proven how wrong a man could be.

“Whose idea was it to look for me?” Dillon wanted to know.

“Mine. But I only got the notion after Lee told me all about you and I caught the whiff of some dinero. And that’s what this game is all about, outlaw . . . profit and loss. We make the profit and you take the loss.”

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