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Watch your back,
stranger, ’cause there’s . . .

Dark Days Comin’!


“Calm down or I’ll sock you one. I mean it, Renee.”

“You no-good son of a bitch!”

“And keep your voice down. You want the whole house to hear us fighting like a couple saloon brawlers?”

“But that’s what you are, isn’t it, or were, before I took you in? Well, you can be kicked out just as fast if you forget your place, big boy.”

Slater Henry smiled coldly as he released her wrists. He towered over her, even though she was tall herself. His bulk dwarfed her, but there was more than just muscle and scale in his apparent domination. In his face was the arrogant self-assurance of a man who knows when a woman can’t do without him. This man was Renee Lane’s strength, and he knew it.

“Toss me out, Renee!” Henry challenged. “Then you can go back to what you were when I first showed up . . . nothin’!”