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Book Of The Month

The boys are home . . . and
they’ve brought trouble with ’em!

The Sons Of Wiley Fable



Belle hadn’t known what was taking place in the barroom while she was upstairs with the Fables, nor had the sons until they’d descended to the landing to hear the tail end of Cord’s diatribe against their late father. They’d also overheard what was said in the quiet corner between the stairs and the piano by the men in leather jackets and handmade Star boots.

“Boys!” Cord said loudly in that unnatural silence. He spread long arms wide. “Welcome home . . . and you have our condolences.” He waved his arms. “C’mon everybody, let’s show Wiley’s boys a proper Eternity welcome.” He stamped his foot hard when everybody continued to gape. “A welcome, I said . . . Eternity style!”

“Gosh!” Kelly Fable said sarcastically as the applause rose from a patter to an acceptable rumble and finally to a level where it sounded almost genuine. “Gets you right here, don’t it?”