Cleveland Publishing Co. Pty Ltd, home of Cleveland Westerns, is an Australian owned and operated publishing house which was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1953 by Jack Atkins.  Having its beginnings in the boom of pulp fiction writing in the 1950s, Cleveland prospered as a publisher of high-quality short stories, principally in the Western genre, and remains as Australia’s most successful and only pulp fiction publisher today.
At its height, Cleveland Publishing printed 18 of its exceptionally popular Westerns each month with print runs for each of its titles peaking at 25,000.  The company continues to satisfy its readers’ desire for superior short stories in that genre today with the publication of eight titles, including new stories under its popular ‘Cleveland’ brand, each month both in Australia and, via its website, internationally.  After all, good, fast-paced narratives never go out of style.
Cleveland’s extensive catalogue includes close to 10,000 titles written by its stable of authors from around the world, including the United States, and each title is paired with unique, true to life cover art, some of which has been featured in publications such as The National Library of Australia’s ‘Collector’s Book’ series.
Cleveland Westerns feature a world as ugly as the actual world can be, but it is also a world in which values such as decency, integrity, grit and valour prevail.  Written with a careful eye for historical detail, geographic accuracy and acute character development, our heroes are dauntless, the women are delectable, and our villains despicable.   Cleveland Westerns have provided solace, encouragement and, above all else, entertainment to thousands of readers over the years, becoming part of the social fabric of our culture.  Many of the titles have become household names and remain collectables today.
Cleveland was, and still is, a wholly family-owned business.
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Take a trip back in time to the 1870s — feel the pulsating beat of a cattle stampede; hear the rhythmic jangle of an out-of-tune saloon piano; ride The Oregon Trail; quench your thirst in Tombstone’s Oriental Saloon; witness the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral; dance with the painted ladies of the Bird Cage Theatre.


Be there in a Cleveland Western – the home of authentic Western books.


Look for the name . . . trust the quality!