Bury Me In Texas

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We’d better worry about what’s behind
us before we start thinkin’ about what’s ahead!



The story Hardy heard now from one of Skimmerhorn’s own drovers was that the trouble on the drive north had come from within. It was not raiders but some of the crew who turned against Skimmerhorn to take the herd for themselves.

Charley Skimmerhorn had only four loyal men to stand with him, but they were men who had been with him at Gettysburg and The Wilderness and a dozen other bloody battles during the Civil War. He also had most of the guns and ammunition, having managed to guard the supply wagon when the trouble started.

The mutineers had made their try though, and it was a damn good one. They ran the herd right through the camp. Afterwards, the wagon and everything else in camp was little more than unrecognizable wreckage.

Charley Skimmerhorn died somewhere under that terrible stampede. When the thieves and the herd were gone, his old pards set up a marker where the camp had been, but they found nothing to bury.

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