Resurrection Day

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They said Bad Billy Joe
was too cussed to stay alive!



“Gentlemen, we are levelheaded men, and as such let me remind you that nobody ever comes back from the dead. You see a bullock hangin’ up by the heels in Casey Watergreen’s butcher shop, you just know you ain’t gonna see that same critter strolling about munching grass next mornin’. A starlin’ drops off of the telegraph wires, ain’t no way that there bird is gonna wake you up next mornin’ singin’ on your windowsill. As for—”

“You are laborin’ the point, Sheriff,” interrupted the mayor. “Allow me to remind you we are not dealing with starlings or a dead cattleo either—”

“Cattleo?” queried the banker. “What is that?”

“A cross ’twixt a cow and a buffalo, anyone knows that,” supplied the railroader.

“Do you mind?” the mayor almost snarled, jowls quivering. “As I was about to point out, Sheriff, what we are dealing with here is a human being. A man, Sheriff, possesses a soul that separates him from animals. A man, as the Bible tells us, will rise up again one day and walk.”

“Just like Billy Joe done . . .”

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