Ask ’Em No Questions

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      Mostly nice folks in Caisson, but . . .


Whit Cleaver took in the familiar scene, now aware that this had been the daily routine of Jennifer Spencer . . . until the night that her life ended. He saw a sweaty-faced ranch hand make a grab for a woman in a wrinkled red dress. The woman laughed and came obligingly to sit on his lap. Men like that figured the percenters were there to be used. The percenters, and Jennifer most of all, were using the men right back.

It seemed that Jennifer had taken more than she gave — rejecting men who couldn’t pay enough to keep her interested, casting them aside as soon as their money ran out.

Jacobs could be one such man.

By his own admission, Bert Sanford was another. And Amos Dean. And plenty more. There was talk that Miles Dickson had wanted her all to himself but kept her around even after she refused him. Wiley, the tinhorn gambler, was another possibility.

Cleaver sighed at the thought of finding the killer among so many suspects.

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