Fightin’ Mad

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      He might be outgunned, but he’s . . .


“Box M scum,” Amy said harshly. “It’s a wonder you got out of the saloon alive.”

“Well, Amy, there was some doubt about that for awhile,” Sheffield told her. “I had to wing one of ’em, feller by the name of Walt Keller.”

“You should’ve killed him,” she said tonelessly.

“Mebbe so,” he shrugged. “He didn’t start it, though. Seemed like he was nursemaidin’ another feller that was drunk an’ talkin’ big. They called him Whitey.”

“They’re nothin’ but murderers, every last one of them,” Amy said. “And Euclid Madison’s the worst of all.”

“Looks like you’re right about that,” he said quietly. “I should’ve known better than to let ’em ride out ahead o’ me. Just figured I’d be goin’ the other direction, and I’d be long gone by the time they had Keller patched up.”

The girl didn’t seem to understand that at first. Then her face changed.

“Oh, my,” she said. “They didn’t shoot you, Bob. I did.”

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