Follow The Money

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I want you to know why you’re
dyin’, you back-shootin’ bastard!


From the way Henry’s head was aching, he wondered if his skull was split. He was still dizzy with the pain of it, but he straightened himself and looked Hancock right in the eye.

“Could be you’re right about the gold,” he said. “That’s why we tried to keep it quiet in the first place. Sam said right from the start that we couldn’t trust that so-called lawman of yours.”

Joplin took a threatening step toward him, but Hancock held up his hand.

“Hold on, Ted,” he said with a thin smile. “It’s startin’ to sound like this feller is seein’ reason. Gold’s no good to a man once he’s dead . . .”

“That’s right,” Henry said coldly. “This ain’t just about the gold. It’s what you done to Sam. That’s what I’m gonna kill you for.”

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