Good As Gone

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      When Lottie wants you dead, you’re . . .


“Thanks,” Miles mumbled through swollen lips. “Seemed like they had me outnumbered. Might as well go back to the hotel, I guess.”

Even in the dim light of the street, his face looked like a piece of raw meat.

“Better clean yerself up afore your bride sees yuh,” the deputy suggested. “C’mon. I know where there’s a pump.”

He led Miles to the pump and plied the handle while Miles stuck his head under the gushing water.

“Made a mess o’ that, I guess,” Miles said ruefully as he stepped back, shaking himself like a wet dog.

“I just hope you learned your lesson,” Castle said. “Only ones that can go pokin’ around in a thing like murder is lawmen.”

Miles shook his head and winced at the pain it gave him.

“I ain’t quittin’ now,” he said.

“No skin off my nose,” Castle shrugged, “but it’s a foolish man that don’t know when to quit.”

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