Gunnin’ For The Devil

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      Trust no one and nothing when you’re . . .


“So who did it, Emma? Do you know?”

The girl shook her head regretfully.

“If I did, I’d want to shake his hand,” she said.

When he asked to know more, she shrugged as if details could scarcely matter.

“I got my gun and went to Honey’s room. It was hot and stuffy that night. I suppose that’s why she left the hall door open a crack. She has the only room with a way to get onto the balcony, you see. That door was wide open, for the ventilation.”

“So that’s where the gunshot came from.”

“It had to be, Chad. There was noplace for someone to hide in Honey’s room, and I was the only one in the hall.” She shrugged and said, “So there I was, behind the door, trying to get my courage up. Honey and Sawley were gettin’ busy on the bed. After that, everything is kind of a blur.”

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