Gunslingers Immortal

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Men could
die . . . but the Bunch was forever!



As the general laughter faded, Deadman coughed into his kerchief and announced solemnly;

“None of us is immortal, boys, but sure as hell the Bunch is. And we’ve just proved it again. Gunsharks come and go but the Bunch will live forever.”

“To the Bunch!” Soldier shouted, raising his glass, and cowboys, towners, painted women and frock-coated gamblers watched in awe as momentary sobriety took over and seven glasses were raised as one.

“To the Bunch!” they yelled like men pledging their lives for their country.

All drank deep . . . even Charlie who hated the stuff.

“Small wonder you triumphed so convincingly,” remarked the Association boss, watching from the landing above the crowded room. “Any men who believe in themselves and one another the way your men do must be close to invincible, Riley.”

“Don’t bet on it.”


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