Hell Twice Over

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      Double H, the brand that stood for . . .


Shortly before noon on the third day, Dan drove a handful of steers into his makeshift holding pen. He was about to go to the shack to make some coffee when Jarvis Cole rode in, leading a solitary steer on a rope.

Dan watched him rein-in as the cantankerous steer bawled and bucked.

“What’s that for, Jarvis?” Dan Harrow asked, wiping his sweating face.

“Take a look at the brand, amigo,” Cole said, still fighting to hold the struggling beast.

The HH burn was still fresh and red against the seared hide. Beneath it, the older Box A mark was clearly visible.

“Where’d you find it, Jarvis?” Dan asked tightly.

“That draw, close to Box A,” Cole replied. “There was four like this, all the same. Those bastards are tryin’ to make out we’re brand changers!”

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