Just Another Lawman

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      No use gettin’ friendly, he’s . . .


“What happened to your last lawman? There must’ve been one.”

“He died.”

“Sudden illness, was it?” Brennan grinned. “Some kinda lead poison?”

“Told you it’d be tough,” Lois Ryan said.

“Uh-huh, so you did. Well, far as I know, the money stops when they plant you in the ground — and so does the respect. To put it plain, I’d rather be rich than dead. Come to think of it, I’d even rather be poor than dead. Ma’am, I thank you for your offer . . . but the only reason I came all this way was to prospect for gold.”

He got to his feet and stood looking down at her, leaning his hands on the back of his chair.

“That was a right fine supper,” he said.

As he headed for the door, the scornful words of Lois Ryan followed him;

“Guess you ain’t man enough, after all.”

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