Murder On Circle M

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      A simple case of . . .


Fairness. That was what the law was supposed to deliver. It was the thing that had led a footloose cowpoke to become an attorney. The wisest heads of every tribe, town, and nation had struggled with the idea of delivering justice to both the victim and the accused.

Even Sheriff Pyle knew that a confessed murderer like Cyrus Howe deserved to be represented by an attorney . . . because it was the fair thing to do. And when Judge Henry Watt turned up, he would oversee the fairest trial he could deliver for the dead Joe Martin and the accused Cyrus Howe.

Evidence would be weighed and evaluated, for and against. There would be a verdict of guilt or innocence. Ideally, the verdict would be blind to the character, charm and influence of the wronged and the accused. And a prisoner would go free or receive a sentence.

That was fair. That was justice.

But how could there be justice for an old drunk like Desmond Tate?

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