Never Trust A Killer

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      Maybe he owes you, but . . .


Berenice doctored the battered men while her brother questioned them.

When the men limped off to the bunkhouse, John sat his sister down and told her what he intended to do.

“I’m satisfied our men didn’t start that fight,” he said. “Sonny knows he’s got us outmanned, and he looks bound and determined to start that war you’ve been fretting about.”

“If we won’t fight, I don’t see how there can be a war,” Berenice countered.

“Isn’t that the truth?” John remarked bitterly. “If we don’t fight back, there’ll be a massacre.”

“You said yourself that we don’t have enough men to fight off Triple S,” Berenice reminded him. “We certainly don’t have the money to hire more—”

“I figure one man would do the trick,” Grace said. “You remember Will Bane?”

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