No One’s A Winner

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      When it’s brother against brother . . .



Tom knew it would happen, for back in Flatiron he’d gazed into his brother’s eyes and read his own death notice. That look had told him what was in store — the outlaws and the illicit guns they’d linked up with in the Raven Hills only served as the rock-solid confirmation.

He could see it all now, understood how Dane had needed to be rid of him so he could run guns without any interference.

His brother hated his guts.

Surprisingly, that knowledge was not as hard to accept as it might have been, knowing just what breed of man Dane was.

His brother was scum.

Yet Dane would survive and his prisoners would perish, and surely the slaughter could not be too far distant.

How right Tom Hardy was. Yet as he spoke quietly and reassuringly to his sister and to Debbie, helping them find strength for what lay ahead, he had no idea just how wide-ranging the slaughter would be.

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