Nobody’s Fool

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      The lawman’s slow to rile but he’s . . .


“You said Tate couldn’t get out of town, Sheriff.”

Stilworth shrugged and said, “Depends how hard he tries, but it wouldn’t be easy to get to a hoss without somebody seein’ him.”

“I’ll think about catching that train in the morning,” Hartman said, “but tonight, I’m looking for Harvey Tate.”

“Then you’ll need a gun,” Stilworth sighed.

“I’ll have my father’s,” Hartman told him.

Stilworth’s eyebrows arched.

“About time, I guess,” he said wearily.

“I didn’t think I needed it before,” Hartman shrugged.

The lawman gave him a long, unhappy look.

“You ask me,” he muttered, “that just about says it all.”

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