One Bad Woman

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      Sometimes all it takes is . . .


“You don’t mind me talking to your hired help, do you, Mr. DeLage?” John asked.

“Why should I?” DeLage drawled. “Most folks come here for company, along with the liquor and other attractions.”

“I hate to be pedantic, but does that mean,” John said politely, “that you won’t object if I talk to Miss Crystal?”

“It’s her job,” DeLage shrugged.

“If you’ll kindly point her out . . .” said John.

“Oh, it’s still too early for Crystal,” DeLage said. “When she gets here, nobody will have to point her out, believe you me.”

DeLage was not exaggerating. When Crystal made her appearance at the top of the stairs, almost every man in the barroom turned to feast his eyes. The girl was still young and pretty enough to keep the paint and powder to a minimum. Instead, she concentrated on showing what she had to offer. With nothing to hide and plenty to display, she wore an outfit so skimpy that the other scantily clad saloon girls looked almost prudish by comparison.

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