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Stayin’ alive is the best
way to get even, now that you’re . . .


She came surging out of the chair, fingers clawing at his face. He batted her hands away but not before one hand tore across his cheek and gouged a patch of hair from his sideburns. He slapped her on the mouth, sending her crumbling to her knees. Then he grasped both slim wrists in one large hand and twisted her hair in his other hand until he forced her head back, exposing her milky throat.

“Listen, you dumb bitch, we’re through. We been through for a long time. I was gonna kick you out in a little while, anyhow. Fact is, I was waitin’ for Palmer’s time to be up. Then I was gonna set you loose. I figured he’d go after you and leave me be. But from Cole’s wire, I’d say he’s after all of us . . . so now you stay. So whatever happens to me, happens to you. I’ll see that it does, and that’s a promise.”

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