Ride Into Nowhere

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Feeling sorry for the salesman, Fred Dowsett fingered back the side curtain and glanced out the window.

“We’re gonna start climbin’,” he announced. “Few more minutes and we’ll be into Angel Pass.”

Isadora began to talk about a cousin who had married well. Harrow leaned back and closed his eyes. In their own ways, all the passengers were resigning themselves to the discomforts of the journey.

The rifle shot jolted them into immediate alertness — first, the shot and then the thud as Bob Gray hit the ground.

“Down on the floor!” Vince Harrow hissed as he drew his Colt.

Outside the stage, another gun roared.

Isadora Dowsett appeared to have been struck dumb. Her husband forced her to the floor and crouched protectively above her broad back. White-faced, Alice Kimball went down on her knees beside the Dowsetts. Alvin Farden stayed where he was, mainly because there just wasn’t room for him on the floor.

“You heard,” snarled a rough voice out front near the team. “If you wanna live, git down from there!”

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