Sinners’ Castle

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      You had to be bad to get into . . .


“It was Hugh’s idea to bring me back here,” Frenchie said. “He was, er, wantin’ to get away from it all, and I happened to mention Sinners’ Castle.”

“Turned out to be a sound decision,” Moffat said. “Business is brisk, and there’s no competition.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Locke said thoughtfully.

He looked around again at the men spending more money than they intended. While they waited for their turn with one of Frenchie’s girls, they could buy the Flower’s watered-down whiskey or play a losing hand against a house gambler.

“I hear you just came in tonight,” Moffat said. “How long are you stayin’, Locke?”

“Till the lawmen get tired of lookin’ for me,” Locke told him.

“Then you better make yourself comfortable,” Moffat said with an unconvincing smile.

“Oh, I’ll see to that,” Frenchie giggled.

Still studying Locke, Moffat said;

“Don’t be long, Frenchie. We have things to attend to.”

“Now, Hugh,” Frenchie said airily, “this might take awhile, if I’ve got anythin’ to say about it. Harvey’s a real close friend, and it’s been an awful long time since we got together.”

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