That Winning Hand

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      The worst kind of luck was . . .


“Ain’t you startin’ to wonder what you’re doin’ out here?” Jarman hollered. “It ain’t as if I shot Stan Pooley in the back, yuh know. And I only winged him. And I won that money fair and square . . .”

“That’s a lie, Jarman!” Deitz roared. “You sharped him! We checked the deck, and it was marked!”

“If that deck was marked,” retorted Jarman, “don’t blame me for it.”

“Tell you what we’ll do, Jarman,” offered Deitz. “You could get out of this alive, if—”

“I’d hope so,” sneered Jarman, “seein’ as how I ain’t done nothin’ wrong.”

“I’m about to offer you a way outta this,” yelled Deitz. “If you’re smart, you’ll jump at the chance.”

“What kind of a chance?” Jarman demanded.

“You took five hundred bucks—”

Won ’em, mister! Don’t say took. I ain’t a thief.”

“Tie that money around a rock and throw it down,” Deitz said calmly. “Do that, and I swear we’ll ride away and leave you in peace. That’ll be the end of it. Can’t say fairer than that.”

“The hell it is!” Jarman snapped. “The money’s mine.”

“Last chance.”

“For who?” Jarman laughed. “You or me?”

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