The Lady Never Sleeps

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      Cut the cards, pour the whiskey . . .


The Lady was a part of their lives, transported with them wherever they went. It had looked down in haughty splendor from the wall of every place the three friends had set up for business. The Lady saw everything. She never slept. Apparently untroubled by being buck-naked, The Lady clearly was a woman who didn’t sell her favors cheap. Her portrait depicted a woman with her head held high and with arrogant eyes that seemed to follow a man wherever he went below that powerful image. Her only adornments were her jewelry, all set with emeralds and gleaming through the varnish. Emerald earrings. An emerald necklace with the precious gemstones strung on golden chain. An enormous, square-cut emerald in the ring on her right hand . . . the hand that rested so naturally on her lusciously rounded thigh.

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