The Lightning Gun

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Weighed down by a rep he never wanted!


Hal Hartford had expected to find his crew inside the saloon, but all six of them were standing a few feet away from the long porch.

“Some town this is,” Alvin Balfour scowled as soon as Hartford reached them.

“Leastways, now we know why there’s nobody on the street,” muttered Joel Beswick. “Ain’t safe with that gunman around. Hell, he told us to keep outta the saloon or he’d fill us full o’ lead.”

“It’s Jules Corot,” Balfour announced. Seeing no reaction from Hal Hartford, he added, “Ain’t you heard of him, boss? Meanest gunslick there ever was—”

“I heard,” Hartford said tightly as he headed for the saloon’s front steps.

“Judas Priest,” Balfour gasped, “you ain’t goin’ in there, are yuh, boss? He’s drunk an’ mean as a sackful of wildcats!”

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