This Man Is Dangerous

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      Because there’s nothing left to live for . . .



“Runaway! Runaway stage!”

Folks began to scatter, and riders hastily got out of the way. Jenny skipped along through the slushy snow. Carrie, a few feet ahead, frowned and looked up at the sound of heavy wheels and running horses. Then the driverless stage came thundering into the straight stretch. Carrie saw the body of the driver bouncing up and down on the floor beneath the seat. The wild-eyed horses lunged against the collars, caked with sweat and foam. Steam rose from their hides.

Carrie gasped and turned back toward Jenny, who had also seen the stage coming. The little girl started to run, slipped and dropped the parcel containing the pipe.


“Oh, my God! Jenny! Leave it, leave it . . .!”

Carrie was screaming now, her face white and her eyes wide as she lunged at her small daughter.

Jenny was trying to pick up the fallen package, her sticky candy bar jammed into her mouth. Carrie Ingram’s heart was thudding against her ribs and she flung herself bodily at her child, reaching for the small body, crying her name in a wrenching sob.

And then the stage was upon them.

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