Too Many Badmen

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      This town’s trouble is . . .


“Dammitall, Mike,” he exclaimed, “there’s only a handful of men that know what goes out on that stage, and I’m one of ’em.”

“Uh-huh,” Charon said unhelpfully. “That’s about the size of it, Willis.”

“I trust every one of ’em!” Carey blustered. “They’re all honest men!”

“Let’s think about it, Willis. Let’s think hard about these ‘honest men’.”

“I already gave you the names, Mike . . .”

“Tell me again.”

Carey took in a noisy breath as he peered out at the dusty, crowded street. He was standing beside Charon but no longer meeting his eyes.

“The manager of Star & Co, Benjamin Tabor,” he said gruffly. “Marvin Gibson at the Wilton Commercial Bank. And Dennis Blake, the head teller. And Marshal Beale. And me.”

Charon’s grunt acknowledged only that he had heard the names.

“You can’t tell me,” Carey said, “that any of those men could be irresponsible.”

“Not yet, I can’t.”

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